Lighting the Fire: Tending the Flame

From the time of Moshe Rabbeinu’s birth until his death he is at the very root and core of our Torah. He is the greatest of prophets and a most treasured leader. And yet, when we open parshat Tetzaveh he is nowhere to be found. While we, the readers, know well that HaShem is speaking […]

Far From False

In a deceptively tiny sentence fragment, we are presented with a challenging commandment. Our days often include dishonesties of various proportions, sometimes to others, and sometimes to ourselves. We tend to bend the truth to protect interests and egos. And so a simple mitzva can be daunting indeed. See: 23: 7 – Keep far from falsehood… […]

Inspired Applause

Last week my husband and I went to hear the Be’er Sheva orchestra play in the Jerusalem Theater as a guest orchestra. They played Beethoven’s 7th symphony which is one of  the most complex and important pieces Beethoven composed. The conductor took the stage and after their first warm up piece he did something uncharacteristic […]

Post on Your Door

This shiur is an adaptation of a shiur sent out in 5761. It seems that the events of the last few months have brought such issues to the attention of many Jewish students living on college campuses. We all hope and pray for times that we can all feel safe to practice our religious beliefs […]

Making Resolutions and Keeping Resolutions

In this week’s parasha, with Yaakov’s old age he senses that death could be imminent and calls his son Yosef to task him with an important mission; he must not be buried in Egypt but rather taken to Israel and buried in the cave of the Patriachs in Chevron: The time approached for Israel to […]

Everyday Heroes

Every morning when I wake up to check the news I am greeted by a link to an article which has been on the site since the start of the war on Oct. 7th.  It is entitled “Heroes.” Everyday since the start of the war, more and more stories have been added to the link.  […]

The Message of the Menorah

The connection between this week’s haftarah and Chanukah is both immediately clear and yet strangely cryptic. As we open up the nevuot of Zecharia, we find ourselves transported to the earliest days of the second temple era as a minority of the Jewish people struggle to rebuild the Beit HaMikdash. Zecharia’s visions are a “closed […]

Looking Forward

Our parsha introduces two of the main characters in the Torah – Yaakov and Eisav. Yaakov and Eisav are not simply people of yesteryear but rather go on to serve as prototypes which lead us through Jewish history. The never-ending struggle between the two forces dates back to the common womb which they shared, and […]

Throwing in His Lot

This shiur was written as the war launched by Hamas on Sheminei Azeret/Simchat Torah is about to enter its fifth week. The shiur is dedicated to our brave soldiers and to the hostages who should come home quickly and safely.  This week’s Parsha continues the story of Avraham Avinu and Sara Imainu, beginning with the […]

Lech Lecha: A Journey of Bread and Wine

Shalom. My name is Miriam White and I am honored to be a new teacher and Mashgicha at Midreshet Harova. It is a personal pleasure to share some words of reflection and Torah for this week’s Parshat Lech Lecha. If we look at Parshat Lech Lecha we see that Avraham had his fair share of […]