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Rav Efroni Schlesinger is a teacher and an administrator in Yeshivat Hakotel. He is the coordinator of the Shana Bet Overseas Program and works as a Shoel Umeishiv for Rabbi Reuven Taragin’s gemara shiur. Rav Schlesinger also teaches in Midreshet Moriah, and he runs the High School Beit Midrash Program in Camp Moshava IO.

Rav Schlesinger made Aliyah from Memphis, TN. He has been studying in Yeshivat Hakotel for the last ten years –during which time, he served as an officer in the IDF, received an M.A. in Jewish Education from Yeshiva University, and studied for Semicha from Israel’s Chief Rabbinate. In addition to his various weekly shiurim, Rav Schlesinger co-hosts, the Beyond the Details podcast, where he addresses both contemporary as well as fundamental topics in Jewish Thought.