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Rav Aviad Tabory studied for seven years at the Hesder Yeshivot of Ohr Etzion and Har Etzion (Gush) in Israel and received Semicha from the Israeli Rabbinate. Additionally he received a degree in Jewish education from Herzog College, and is a graduate of Amiel – the rabbinical training programme of Ohr Torah. Rav Tabory alos served as the Rav Shaliach of the Jewish Agency to Bnei Akiva in the UK as well as the founding community Rabbi of Alei Etzion in Hendon, London as well as serving as scholar-in-residence in communities around the world.

Rav Tabory currently teaches Gemara, Halacha and Jewish philosophy at Yeshivat Eretz Hatzvi in Jerusalem. In the summer he serves as the Rosh Bet Midrash in Bnei Akiva Camp-Camp Stone.

Rav Tabory is the editor of “To Stand and Serve” (published by Maggid) – and the author of series on the Yeshivat Etzion Virtual Beit Midrash on “Halacha Response to Israeli History”.

Rav Aviad, Debra, and their four children live in Alon Shvut.