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Originally from London, Rachel studied Education and Art in the UK and upon Aliyah continued her studies with education and Jewish Studies in Michlala, Bayit Vegan. She continued her studies at Herzog in Migdal Oz and recently completed her Masters in Art Therapy in Netanya. In Migdal Oz Rachel developed a passion for Midrash and Aggada and an appreciation for the works of Rav Soloveichik. She is also fascinated by current affairs both in Israel and around the world, and all of her interests have shaped the classes that she teaches at Midreshet HaRova. Rachel also serves as one of our amazing Mashgichot, a position she loves because of how it allows her to develop long term connections with her students over the years.

Rachel lives with her family in Gush Etzion with her husband, Noam and they are blessed with 6 wonderful children.