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Hi! My name is Yocheved (Sadek) Stroll. I’m originally from Teaneck, NJ and now have the privilege of living in Rechavia, Jerusalem with my husband.

I’m currently studying education at Michlala Jerusalem in Bayit Vagan, and hope to pursue a career in Teaching English.

I went to HaRova for shana aleph and shana bet from 2016-2018. My experience at HaRova completely changed the course of my life! For starters, some of my best friends today are people I met at HaRova (not only students!! Staff members too!). My time at HaRova was also when I decided that I wanted to live in Israel long-term. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have attended Midreshet HaRova because it truly gave me the confidence and ability to set a direction for my life which enables me to be my best self.