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I am from Queens, New York originally, and attended Central, the Yeshiva University High School for Girls. I came to Midreshet HaRova for the 2008/9 year, and continued in Shana Bet in fall of 2009. I was blessed to work for HaRova as the Eim Bayit for 2 years.

Harova to me is emet, a family and a home of emet. I learned from people who live what they believe and what they preach people who value Torah in the way in which they live. I have been in close touch with my teachers for over 13 years now as I truly feel they are my family, my guides in life. They gave and continue to give me a foundation upon which I live my life religiously and far beyond in my interaction with my own family, friends, choices, career and more. I am eternally grateful for the family, the strong roots, the love and all the priceless impacts my HaRova family has had on me. I am grateful my bubble crossed HaRova’s bubble in the stream of life.