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Hi – my name is Eliana Lazar. I grew up in Cedarhurst, New York and attended HAFTR. I came to Midreshet HaRova in 5781 and stayed for shana bet in 5782. I am currently in Stern College pursuing a degree in Social Work.

A part of me always knew I was destined to come to Midreshet HaRova and here is why. I heard of the amazing class choices offered, the Old City experience, and the love the midrasha showed for Am Yisrael, Torat Yisrael, and Eretz Yisrael.

Once actually getting there all of my expectations were exceeded. HaRova offers more classes than ever allowing each person to really have their own unique experience. Although this seemed overwhelming at first it allowed for each person to really express their individuality. This was something I loved.

HaRova is really just one big family. At night seder in the Beit Midrash along with everyone I was able to delve into deep conversations where everyone gave over the incredible torah they learned that day, inspiring each other. The uniqueness of HaRova is not just about what you learn from the teachers (who are incredible) but from the people around you. Living in the Old City allowed for me to be engrossed in the real center of Judaism both spiritually and physically. When walking from the dorms to the midrasha everyday I was taken aback by the amazing people, all extremely different, on the same mission to the one place that unites us all, the kotel. It was truly inspirational.

HaRova truly taught me what it means to learn and understand texts as well as what it means to feel Judaism. HaRova showed me what it means to love the land of Israel, the Jewish homeland, to feel the torah, the Jewish guidebook, and to live it by loving and caring for our nation. I learned what it truly means to love being a Jew. The skills HaRova has given me have inspired me to work toward the person I am becoming and the life choices I have thus had. Although I am not there any longer my relationship with the teachers and friends made there are everlasting. HaRova not only gave me an inspiring year but the tools to continue on inspiring the rest of my life.