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My name is Chana Swanström and I grew up in the small Jewish community of Helsinki, Finland. I attended Midreshet HaRova in 5777 (2016-2017). Coming to HaRova from such a small and peripheral Jewish community was an amazing experience as I’d never really had the chance to learn Torah in a formal setting or meet so many likeminded people. HaRova gave me a sense of belonging since being a Jew, especially a religious one, was (and still is) a challenge in Finland. HaRova allowed me to better understand myself as an individual and as a Jew by introducing me to the many different aspects of Torah. After HaRova I moved to England where I completed my BA in English Language and Linguistics. I’m currently studying for an MA in English Language and Literature in Finland while also doing teacher training. Gd willing I’ll be able to fulfil my longtime dream of making Aliyah and joining my HaRova family in Israel after graduating in the autumn of 2022.