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My name is Alana Reichenberg, and I am from Boca Raton, Florida. I grew up in Florida and had the pleasure of attending Weinbaum Yeshiva High School. After high school I attended Midreshet HaRova for Shana Alef and Shana Bet from 2013-2015 (5774-5775).

HaRova gave me a new perspective on life and meaning. It was the first independence I received and the first time I had the opportunity to delve into Torah fully. HaRova is filled with diversity which led me to some of the greatest friends and people I know.

After HaRova, I attended Stern College for Women with a major in Biology and a minor in business management, which then led me to my Masters at the Katz School for Biotechnology Management and Entrepreneurship. Currently, I work as a housing manager and covid coordinator for Yeshiva University and use the skills I learnt throughout my education to help others achieve success.