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Hi! My name is Abby Rahman (now Lorkis). I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY and went to Central for high school. I attended Midreshet HaRova 5778/ 2017-2018.

I’m simply grateful I ended up in HaRova. I ultimately chose HaRova for their array of thought-provoking classes, the once in a lifetime opportunity to live in the Old City, and for their diversity of students. It was all that and much more. I got to experience so many special events throughout the year just by living in the Old City – selichot by the kotel, Kabbalat Shabbat multiple times a month, army ceremonies and more. I got to witness all kinds of Jews and gentiles flock to the holiest place in the world on a daily basis, to connect to God and to one another. I get to forever say that the Old City is my home.

For the first time, my Jewish studies were invigorating! The Tanach and Gemara came alive through the passion and wisdom of our talented teachers. I learned Jewish thought and philosophy, being challenged to rethink what I thought in order to come closer to genuine knowledge and truth. I felt connected to my essence as a jew, through my teachers and Torah learning, and through traveling our Holy Land. HaRova took us on many trips throughout our beautiful country, showing us our inseparable history and connection to the land. The friends I made at HaRova are lifetime friendships, a sisterhood based on shared values and ideals. HaRova has inspired in me a lifetime dedication to Judaism, Torah learning, and Israel. It gave me the tools to develop a deep love and commitment to my personal relationship with Hashem, my Torah and my people.

Since my Shana Aleph, I attended Stern College for one semester and dropped out to come back to Israel. I felt that if I truly want to make aliyah a reality, it would be best for me to start planting my roots now, by immersing myself in the culture, learning Hebrew and studying in an Israeli university. After a few months of working, ulpan and figuring out my path, I decided to go to Bar Ilan and study in their Social Work program. For 2 years, I lived in Givat Shmuel with amazing roommates – HaRova friends that have become sisters. I recently got married here in Israel (woohoo!) and I’m completing my last year of my degree BH.